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We are a small startup company, specialised and pioneering the extraordinary Tocotrienols.
Tocotrienols (T3) are a subcategory of Vitamin E which was proven to have strong advantages not found and not expected from conventional Vitamin E.

We offer

  • Skin products (topicals) in various concentrations for various fields of application
  • excellent edible oils in organic quality, carefully pressed, with and without Tocotrienols
  • Tocotrienol-Vitamin E for all purposes, e.g. selfmade products like massage oils. 

We use only organic oils and only natural Vitamin E  

We never use synthetic ingredients or mineral oil products. Also no conservants, even not in skin products. All ingredients are from nature only.


Use the advantages of Tocotrienols with many products from TRICUTIS.

Enjoy shopping at TRICUTIS - and have good success with the power of Tocotrienols.