Flax oil 250ml organic omega-safe fresh everyday

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1 l = 37.28 €

Linseed oil or flax oil is the oil with the highest percentage of the essential omega-3 fatty acid LNA (alpha-linolenic acid).

We produce this excellent Flax oil fresh everyday in special "omega-safe" pressing machines, which shield and protect the oil from oxygen.

Flax oil is delicate to handle and store, it has to be be protected from sunlight, air and heat. It's good for 3 weeks when open and 3 months in the closed bottle. But deep-freezing is possible without any problem for the oil or the bottle. Keeping it at -18 C adds 5 months to its lifespan.

You won't believe how good this essential stuff tastes, when it's as fresh as ours.

Certified organic quality.

(Our shop system may say "in stock". But it isn't in stock. On stock are the seeds. We produce it everyday fresh and ship it immediately... )

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