3omega tocotrienols in flax oil - the miracle Vitamin E

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This is flax oil, the one natural oil with the best omega-3 content of all. In excellent quality, freshly pressed daily, with omega-safe technology and of course from organic seeds.

Into this, we add a lot of the best natural Vitamin E complex: Tocotrienols and Tocopherols from Tocomin. 1% Tocomin makes for 500mg/100g of excellent Tocotrienol composition.

The T3 Tocotrienols protect both: the oil in the bottle and the oil in the body.

And in addition, they work synergistically together with the omega-3 fatty acids in many ways. Toco-Tri-enols plus omega-3 gives 3-omega flax oil, the Vitamin E miracle.

Tocotrienols, particularly alpha-Tocotrienol protects brain and other body cells against damage from free Radicals (ROS). Many users report anti-inflammatory action on joints.

Recommendation: Use 1-2 Tablepoons (10-20g) daily, but at least one teaspoon (see our flax oil recipies). 

This oil is suitable to conduct Tocotrienol hair growth treatment, as suggested by the US patent. The amounts and ingredients used in the study (2* 50mg Tocomin) are in one tablespoon of this oil.

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