Macadamia nut oil with mixed Tocotrienols 100ml

Macadamia nut oil with mixed Tocotrienols 100ml

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This is Macdamia nut oil with a high percentage of Tocotrienols. Total content of Vitamin E complex is 1500mg/100g, with 80% Tocotrienols.

That means with only a teaspoon full (3g or the equivalent of 1+1/2 Macadamia Nuts) you get 45mg of mixed Tocotrienols, which is an efficient daily amout. And a good supply of Vitamin E. Tocotrienols work like Vitamin E, but in addition they are a 40- to 60-fold better antioxidant at cell membranes and therefore work as an efficient tool for anti-aging and wellbeeing by its calming properties.

Dissolved in a natural oil has advantages

  • Oil and Tocotrienols are always fresh, since it it is possible to produce in small quantities (in contrast to capsules)
  • the oil is the ideal aid for bioavailability
  • the oil can be used for cooking, where vitamin E works against the danger of nitrosamines and lipid peroxidation
  • this oil can be used as an excellent massage oil as well

Macadamianut oil is rich in omega-7 fatty acids which are most necessary in skin and liver.

This oil is particularly rich in gamma- and delta-Tocotrienol.
Detailed Data per 100g:

  • 237mg natural alpha-Tocopherol (this one like Wheat germ oil, plus)
  • 260mg natural alpha-Tocotrienol
  • 48mg natural beta-Tocotrienol
  • 450mg natural gamma-Tocotrienol
  • 560mg natural delta-Tocotrienol

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