Toco3MCT 1.4% Tocotrienols in MCT oil

Toco3MCT 1.4% Tocotrienols in MCT oil

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1 l = 99.60 €

Toco3 MCT/oral is MCT-oil with a very high content of natural Tocotrienols (the better Vitamin E of the 21st century).

MCT oil (Middle Chain Triglyceride) is a edible oil with the middle chain fatty acids C8:0 (capric) and C10:0 (caprylic) from coconut oil. It is used as an edurance oil for sports and for carbohydrate-reduced diets (like Dr.Budwig). MCT oil is reported to enhance energy generation in mitochondria.

1 Teaspoon (3g) contains 42 mg Tocotrienols for optimal antioxidant  action.

Tocotrienols are taken up in the mouth and contribute to healthy gums and teeth.

Use it regularly für ayurvedic oil treatment of the mouth.
Use it daily after teeth brushing for a short oil and vitamin treamtment of gums and teeth.

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