Harmony Natural Vitamin E Creme without Preservatives

Harmony Natural Vitamin E Creme without Preservatives

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100 ml = 69.87 €

Harmonie  (Harmony) is the name of our new creme. This is was it does to your skin - it leaves it in a state of harmony.

Natural Vitamin E can do that. It penetrates rapidly into the skin and regulats the transriptional Factor NFkappaB with its excellent antioxidant capacity.

You not only get the anti-aging effect from the Vitamin E, but also a  calming and normalizing effect on the skin.


The whole thing comes without any chemical preservatives- which relieves you of chemicals known to result in toxic nitrosamines and probably a lot of other side effects. We achieve this by filling the sterile creme in a small bottle with a pump. Good for 6 months without any chemicals added.

Ingredients: aqua, simmondsis chinensis oil, ,juglans regia oil,prunus dulcis oil,rosa mosqueta oil,oenothera biennis oil,lecithin,Cymbopogon citratus oil*)

All lipids are pure organic unaltered natural edible oils, plus ultraclean water. The only emulgating aid is lecithin from sunflower (not soy).

With all efforts to bring you a creme compatible with the most kinds of susceptible skins.

*) For an optimum skin compatibility we don't use perfume.


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