Organic black cumin oil (BCO)

Organic black cumin oil (BCO)

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1 l = 110.00 €

Black cumin oil (of Nigella sativa) is known as a health gem since thousands of years. In English it's also known as BCO, blackseed, black caraway, fennel flower, nutmeg flower or Roman coriander.

Pharaoh Tut-Ench-Amun had a bottle of it in his golden tomb, Mohammed the prophet said (in "Hadith") "It cures all diseases except death" and Charlemagne recommended to grow it.

BCO was recently found to contain 1190 mg/100 g beta-Tocotrienol. This high amount (1,2%) makes it one of the best natural sources of tocotrienols.

BCO has a strong and pungent taste because of its   essential oils.

We also offer a neutral tasting oil with even 1.4% tocotrienols. This would be Toco3MCT

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