Ultraessence 15ml

Ultraessence 15ml

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100 ml = 192.67 €

Ultraessence is a very concentrated Vitamin E oil from Tocotrienols (20% pure natural Tocotrienol super-Vitamin E). It enters the skin within 10-15 minutes and brings immediate relief.

Many customers like to use it pure on the skin to profit from the extraordinary properties of Tocotrienols particularly on the skin and beneath.

Tocotrienols penetrate rapidly into the skin and quench away free radicals (ROS and NOS). In addition it has astonishing qualities on the wellbeeing at various skin abnormalities. The essential oils in Ultraessence support the skin penetration, so that the Tocotrienols go several centimeters below the skin and reach joints and nerves there. Please refer to external references on the special properties of Tocotrienols.

INCI - Ingredients:

Tocotrienol oil (48% TRF) **),
Caprylic / Triglyceride,
Prunus Arameniaca seed oil *),
Borago Officinalis seed oil *)

*) ingredients from certified organic agriculture DE-ÖKO-013

**) Tocomin ®

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