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Roucou-Rescue is a Uruku Tocotrienol Skin concentrate from Tricutis. It contains predominately tocotrienols from Uruku (or french Roucou). Uruku has been used by native americans in many places like the Mato-Gross region in Brazil. The natives paint their skin everyday since hundreds of years and so exploit the extraodrinary anitoxidant power of its tocotrienols (unsaturated Vitamin E).

Native Uruku is very colorful, which led to seein it only as a natural pigment. But it's much more. The Uruku plant (Bixa orellana or Annatto or Chiote) is the best source for the powerful tocotrienols.

Now these tocotrineols are extraced (in the USA) without the pigments, so you can enjoy the advantages of Uruku without having to apply color at the same time.

Very concentrated in this rollon stick for easy application in a maximum concentration.

For 1 meter of application onto the skin 42 mg of pure Tocotrienols reach the skin. The product contains in total about 90 meters of very pure Tocotrienol power.


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